TLIX network


The TLIX network is composed of a wide and interdisciplinary number of researchers that guarantees an enriching work by bringing together actors that can contribute with different points of view about the problem being studied. The quality of the research made by the proposed groups results in certain guarantee for the achievement of the objectives set out by this proposal. In fact, the complementarity of the research experience of the applicant groups makes us very optimistic about the results that could be obtained.

Some of the applicant groups that participated in autonomic networks with similar topics have a certain previous experience that is reinforced by this proposal, due to new groups that provide several key aspects of the proposal. The previous work in common of the different applicant groups is a clear sign of the viability and strength of the proposal. This is an especially relevant aspect because the groups work with very dissimilar topics, but despite this fact, they collaborate with high productivity. Somehow this network can be considered an extension of the “Network of Geospatial Information Technologies for Territorial Management” sponsored by the Xunta of Galicia through its 2012 Consolidation and Structuring of Competitive Research Units Program (Code: CN 2012/323).

The “geospatial industry” worldwide generates profits of 270 billion dollars and the companies of the sector pay more than 90 billion dollars a year in salaries, according to a report of the Oxera consultancy of January 2013, promoted by the company Google. Oxera report.

Besides, there is a big number of applications in very different areas, for example,, that made this field one of the most dynamic and with a greater social impact in the current times. This proposed network is framed within this exciting and fruitful context