We consider that the current strategic importance of the topic of the network means that the achievement of two objectives is a unique opportunity for all the groups of the network. They will be addressed through different ACTIVITIES:

    1. Frequent meetings, both of the management committee and the scientific-technical work workshops. These meetings are fundamental given the multidisciplinary and complementary nature of the network.

    2. Implementation of a network webpage with the characteristics indicated in the description of the corresponding objective. The first version must be operational within three months of the network concession and will be continuously updated and improved. This activity corresponds to objective 2.1.

    3. Making of proposals for new research projects by attending the competitive calls at a regional and international level, in which all or some of the groups in the network can participate. This activity is part of objective 2.4.

    4. Promote the network among companies, research centers, and research groups. To this end, dissemination material must be prepared separately from the webpage: audio-visual presentation, triptychs, preparation of interviews, etc. The network will ensure that these activities are carried out in the participation of its members in congresses and conferences of prestige, as well as inviting external researchers to visit the research groups. This activity is part of objective 2.2.

    5. Preparation of an ideas repository about possible applications and visualization of the information offered by the GIS systems in general and LiDAR in particular. Including a study of its technical viability as well as the implementation of some of them through collaboration between at least two groups of the network. This collaboration will be supported by the Network with the hiring of personnel (preferably Ph.D. students). The possible registration or patent of the results of these collaborations will also be assessed. This activity is part of objectives 1.1. 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 and 2.3.

    6. Preparation and promotion of topics for interdisciplinary thesis and final projects that might be attractive to master and grade students. This activity requires a direct involvement in training activities of the network and is basically framed in objective 2.2.