Research groups


    It is a group that has received in previous years, aids of a Research Group of Competitive Reference and the Program of Promotion of the Intensification of the Research Activity of the SUG. It has a trajectory of more than 30 years in the field of HPC and the arithmetic of the computer, dealing in recent years with cloud computing and Big Data processing.

    In these topics, the group's activity focuses on the evaluation of the performance and optimization of applications in the cloud, the development of systems for the deployment and management of virtual clusters in the cloud and the use of HPC and Big Data technologies applied to the Processing of the Natural Language. In recent years, an important effort has been made in the use of all these technologies for applications in the field of geographic information processing. In the last 3 years the group has attracted R & D funding amounting to almost € 500,000 in international, national and regional projects, as well as R & D contracts with companies and public administrations; It published 47 articles in JCR journals, and 25 in international congresses with peer review, and directed 12 theses during the time of its Doctorate Program with a Quality Award.

    Finally, in addition to having established stable collaborations with groups of this nature (GAC-UDC and CESGA), it also collaborates in a stable manner with other groups of recognized international prestige (University of California at Irvine, Lyon Polytechnic School, University of Illinois, University of Malaga, University of Glasgow, University of Prague, Polytechnic University of Barcelona, CESGA, University of Tübingen and INRIA among others).


    Competitive Reference Group of the Xunta de Galicia with an experience of 20 years in the HPC field, paying special attention in recent years to cloud computing, Big Data processing, visualization of land and graphic computing, specifically, in the development of tools and methods of visualization of land in real time and of interactive processes of urban or landscape designs. In addition, the GAC-UDC has 15 years of experience in the field of Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

    Mainly in areas such as infrastructures, land management, land consolidation, meteorological information, land use and forest management, the GAC-UDC has developed a large number of contracts and research projects financed by different institutions of the Xunta de Galicia. In this regard, stands out the development of the Land Information System (SITEGAL, in full exploitation by the Ministry of Rural Environment and the Sea since 2009.

    In the last 5 years the group attracted R & D funding amounting to 4.5 M €; published 76 articles in JCR journals and 115 in international conferences with peer review (20% of publications co-authored with foreign groups); it directed 12 theses within the framework of its Doctorate Program with a Quality Award (currently with Mention towards Excellence); and paid special attention to the transfer of its R & D results through the creation of 2 spin-offs, in addition to generating 1 patent in the US, and 6 intellectual property records of HPC software developed.


    In recent years, this group has participated in more than 70 projects and research contracts, whose approximate revenues amount to three million euros.

    It is worth noting its work with different companies and administrations, as well as the founding of two spin-off companies, which demonstrates that the transfer of technology to the productive sector is one of its main activities.

    They have a patent in operation registered in the OEPM, and another in process of acceptance, in addition to three software registers of some of its applications.

TB. Territory and Biodiversity.

    The scientific research of the TB group grew through more than 35 projects funded in competitive events of autonomic, national and European scope, giving rise to more than 40 articles in JCR journals, more than 50 articles in other journals, more than 30 books or book chapters and 160 conferences.

    Despite this, the main strength of the group may be the transfer of technology thanks to the work developed in more than 130 research contracts in collaboration with more than 55 companies and public administrations. Total revenues from projects and contracts in the last five years amount to € 5,244,362. In this period, the group trained 11 predoctoral fellows, 13 predoctoral and 2 postdoctoral contractors.

LBD. Databases Laboratory.

    The Databases Laboratory (known in Spanish as LBD) was created in 1996 and has since developed research and transfer activities in the field of geographic information systems, spatial databases and spatial-temporal databases.

    The LBD is a group of Competitive Reference of the SUG from the first meeting (Board 2006/4, Board 2010/17 and GRC2013 / 053). In the last five years, the group has raised R & D funding amounting to € 2,266,733 in national and regional projects, as well as R & D contracts with companies and public administrations; published 17 articles in JCR journals and 46 in international indexed conferences and generated 3 intellectual property registers that are in operation (SIXA, WEB Viewer, e-ditor).

    Within the LBD, 7 doctoral theses were also read. It should be noted that 56% of the publications are carried out in co-authorship with foreign groups, and that the LBD has a clear vocation towards applied research and technology transfer, as evidenced by the fact that in 2003 a spin-off company was created, with which he collaborates since then, since this company markets many of the products resulting from the group's research.

SIT. Territorial Information System

    It is a central research support service of the USC, implemented as a technological platform linked to the Territory Lab group. Since its creation in 2004, it has been responsible for the distribution of geospatial software licenses, the rental of field measurement equipment (laser scanners, georadar, drones, etc ...), the provision of data and the training of users (through courses, inside and outside of USC).

    It has worked for more than 17 research departments of the SUG and provided support with measurement and / or calculation equipment for local, provincial and regional administrations in projects ranging from the laser scanner measurement of the Muralla de Lugo to the castle facades of Pambre, passing through the databases of the Land Bank of Galicia.

    It is an example of a singular service, which can be extended to other universities and in permanent contact with users, in the evaluation of SUG support services and in the Strategic Plan for Information and Communication Technologies of the USC (2007-2010). In the area of training, it is the only Authorized Training Center (CAF) of the company ESRI (world leader in GIS software) of Galicia, with certified teachers by it.

    Offering a wide range of courses on the geospatial subject, both in free software and proprietary applications, and in face-to-face, online and telepresential modality. In the last 2 years, it offered more than 32 courses on Geographic Information Systems, which were attended by more than 200 students from 30 different degrees.